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Stop Guessing

Why spy on your competitors?

Well the answer is simple.  Your perfect client is sitting at your competitor’s websites buying products and services right now.  They have wasted time and budget getting them there so we don’t have to.

What is a digital footprint?

A digital footprint is a set of traceable actions you leave whenever you use the internet. It shows what you’ve looked at, what you love and allows marketing to be tailored precisely at what interests you.

Why should you track your competitors digital footprint?

If you’re struggling to win customers, but your competitors aren’t, does it mean they’re better than you?

No, in fact, it’s more likely they’re marketing to your target audience in all the right places.

You’ll never waste time and money on ineffective marketing again. Instead, you’ll cut straight to where your audience is, increase your traffic and sales and watch your business grow.

Tracking your competitors’ digital footprint allows you to see:

  • The keywords and content sending traffic to their website
  • What links are building authority
  • Their most successful ads
  • What sales funnels they’re using
  • The social media platforms that are working for them, and
  • The posts which resonate with their audience the most

Cut straight to where your audience is

Increase your traffic, sales and watch your business grow

Helping you track your competitors digital footprint

Let’s put an end to marketing that doesn’t work. By obtaining a full overview of what is working for your competitors we can apply these tactics to your sales funnels.

Here’s what’s we do:

Social Media

Posting wildly on social media may get you a few likes, but it won’t reach the people who really want to buy your product or services.

By delving deeper, you’ll see:

  1. Which platforms they’re utilising well
  2. The percentage of traffic being generated and delivered from social media
  3. Types of posts that are working for them, and
  4. Their most shared posts with a list of people or websites which shared that content

This means you’ll receive a full plan of action for where and when to post and what content will capture your customers’ attention.

You talk, they’ll listen.


Email Marketing

Want to know what your competitors are saying to your target audience?

Easy – we’ll sign you up to their mailing list, see what they’re sending to their customers and compile a report on the links and leading content which get the most clicks to their website.

This gives you a blueprint of what will work in your email marketing, helping you to produce killer content your customers will go crazy for.


If they’re using add-ons or plugins on their website which help convert traffic and attract leads, we’ll list the best ones and put them to use on yours.


You’ve got to spend money to make money, so you’ve got to make sure your advertising budget doesn’t go to waste. We’ll help you get you the inside scoop on:

  1. What platforms your competitors are advertising on
  2. The type of ads they’re running, i.e. video, images, text (with examples of each)
  3. What SEO Keywords they’re targeting, and
  4. The top pages their ads are landing on

Say goodbye to throwing money away on ineffective advertising.

Funnel Hacking

Funnel hacking is the process of purposely going through your competitor’s sales or marketing funnels to reverse engineer their process and duplicate this for your won businesses.  We will do this for their most visited pages and visible ads.


  1. It helps you figure out what sales strategies successful businesses are using online.
  2. It cuts your sales funnel development time by 10X.
  3. It will save you from spending time and money on something you’re not even sure will work.

Our audit pours over the links your competitors are using and reports on:

  1. Content-Type – Are they social media posts or website articles?
  2. Publishers – Who is showing their content?
  3. Top Pages – How many are being viewed and who is linking to them?
  4. Social Media Links – Which posts and tweets are driving traffic to their website?

If they’ve got high-authority content driving non-stop traffic, we’ll find it – and show you how to do it better.


Who are you? How can people find you?

SEO is the answer, and the best way to get you on Google’s first page is to see:

  1. What keywords your competitors are registering for
  2. The value of the traffic they bring in from SEO
  3. The amount of traffic they bring in from SEO
  4. The percentage of traffic the keywords generate, and
  5. What content of theirs is generating traffic

From the most popular keywords to ones your competitors are missing out on – the SEO audit is there to get you on page one of search engine rankings ahead of the competition.

Bye-bye page two.

Creating your winning digital marketing strategy

To get a better picture of how best to market your business, we not only track your competitors, we run a complete 360 ° audit of your online presence too. Here’s what’s involved:

Your Activity Audit

Checking your website’s traffic at the end of the day and finding your viewing figures are in single digits is gut-wrenching – but it doesn’t have to be that way.

Our activity audit delves deep into your website and produces an in-depth review of your:

  1. Content
  2. Customer Journey
  3. Customer Analysis
  4. SEO Keyword Strategy
  5. User Experience (UX)
  6. Visibility against competitors
  7. Social Strategy, and
  8. Pay Per Click Audit

Knowing what is and isn’t working on your own website means we can compare it to your competitors, replicate their success and take advantage of the opportunities they’re missing so you end up with marketing strategy that’ll blow them out of the water. Nice!

Do you want more customers?

If so, tracking your competitor’s digital footprint will give you an insight into what turns leads into sales for businesses in your industry. Let’s have a chat about how to increase your sales and grow your business.

Don’t fade into the grey, stand out from the herd.

Get a report on what your competitors are doing right now.

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