Animated Explainer Videos

Tell Your Story With A Professional Animated Explainer Video. Whether you want to increase sales,

build brand awareness or educate your audience – We create video content to help you do it!

Explainer Videos

​An explainer video is typically a short but highly effective way of summarising your business pitch in a fun, witty and memorable way. The good ones are both educational and entertaining, generally explaining what your company offers, what problem it solves for your customers and why your solution is the best option on the market.

Explainer videos are also perfect when it comes to launching new products and services, particularly if a new product is highly technical or revolutionary within it’s industry.

Why Explainer Videos?

Increase Engagement

Using animation increases sales by 70%. Adding animated videos to your website helps boost engagement amongst site visitors and increase conversion rates.

Mulitple Uses

Can be used in multiple ways including but not exclusive to websites, social media marketing, advertising, sales pitches, Youtube, Email Marketing, Blogs, Press Releases, Live Events, Capital Raising, Influencer Marketing, Online Communities, 

Sell more efficiently

Customers are more likely to buy from a brand they relate to emotionally, so use animation to connect with your audience. A simple 2D animation can do wonders in engaging customers.

Boost brand awareness

Animation gives an opportunity to create completely bespoke content designed entirely around your brand to boost awareness. Create anything from simple whiteboard animation to stunning 3D animated product videos.


The Brief 

So, let’s begin at the beginning. The first thing we ask our clients to do is fill in some paperwork. Not the height of creativity but seriously, it’s important not to lose sight of exactly why you’re creating this video. Our brief runs through those pragmatic things like, who’s your video aimed at? Where’s it going to live? Oh, and what’s your actual aim with this video?

That last one’s kind of important. You might just be creating something eye-catching for social media to enhance your brand awareness. Or, you could be looking to create something really informative for existing customers. Either way, we need to know exactly what our target is as this will have an impact on every other stage of the process. We also like to get some of your key messaging here too. We want this video to fit in with everything you’ve done before it, so it’s important that we continue that consistency across your brand.

The Script

During the exploration stage, we will analyse the brief, absorb clients brand guidelines, learn everything possible about clients’ objectives.  This allows us to produce a script.

The scripting stage is an essential part of the storytelling process. A good story is essential at hitting your goals, ensuring you get the tone of voice right and is talking to your target audience in the right way.

At the end of this process, we will present a text document which contains the voice-over script and detailed description of the animation or visual action for each scene.

The Storyboard

The storyboard and Illustrations process starts with an approved script and takes it on to the next level.  Our artist will begin by designing each scene to send over to you for your approval.  At the end we will present you with a polished story board with the exact same quality and level of detail as the final animation

The Voice Over

Voice over recording is vital for the video because it determins the story-telling tone and tempo.

We work with professional voice-over artists to find the voice that best suits your needs and requirements from all over the world.  We can source any launguage, accent and will present you with multiple options to choose from.


The Animation Stage

The animation stage is where the fun begins.  Once we get here it means that all our previous steps have been approved so our animators can take the completed illustrations, break them up into layers and start putting them into motion.

During the animation stage, we might share a few in work progress versions to make sure the client is happy with how things are moving along until we get to the completed stage.

Once complete and approved, the video will be exported in a format of your choice, securely uploaded and shared with the client.  We also offer a packaged delivery, which means our clients can get hold of all design assets and use them across their channels.

We safely store all of our project files and back them up regularly so our clients can always come back and create new versions.


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