Bye-bye guesswork

Pink Elephant Media can help turn passive browsers into paying customers. Say bye-bye to guesswork, and hello to consistent website traffic that converts.

Happy with your conversion rate? Probably not!

And did you know only 2-5% of website visitors convert into paying customers?

Pretty disappointing when you’ve ploughed money into building your business website. And even if you’re ranking high on search engines, if your click-through rate (CTR) isn’t resulting in leads and sales, it’s time and money wasted.

Not with Pink Elephant Media.

By using a process called Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO), we’ll show your audience what they’re missing and why you’re the answer to their problems, which will improve your conversions and turn passive browsers into valued paying customers.

Give your visitors what they want

By monitoring the browser patterns and buying behaviour on your website, we’re able to create a fast, responsive page that not only flows naturally but is crammed full of high-quality content. And with your call to action’s (CTA’s) placed perfectly, your visitors will be gently guided towards sending a query or making a purchase.

A proven process that delivers real results for your business

Following a tried and tested conversion rate optimisation method, we analyse real data from your website to understand the challenges and pain points your customers are facing.

CRO Audit

CRO Testing

Monitor & Convert

CRO Audit

It’s hard to be objective about your website, often you’ll miss problems obvious to a first-time user.

And without the proper tools or expertise, it’s hard to pinpoint where, how and why potential customers are falling out of your conversion funnel and how to fix it.

Pink Elephant Media analyse why visitors click away and explain how to grab those wasted conversion rate opportunities.

Our UX and conversion audit also uncovers:

  1. Technical issues
  2. User journeys and drop-offs
  3. Uncover the why behind these issues

All of which will give you professional, objective and expert insight on the improvements you need to make to increase your conversions, revenue and profits.

CRO Testing

CRO testing allows us to see where your site is letting you down, so we can help put it right and improve your website’s engagement and performance.

And we do this by studying the sales funnels your competitors are using, how they’re acquiring website traffic and the messages they’re putting out that resonate with your target audience. All of which will uncover a goldmine of information we can use to get you noticed.

Monitor and Convert

With a few simple tests, we can see how your audience is interacting with your content and tweak it to make it irresistible.

Once a visitor is on your page, there shouldn’t be any reason for them to go elsewhere to get an answer to their problems. We’ll make sure your site is optimised to the max, sending your conversions sky high.

Get a free boost for your CRO on us!

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