Have you paid thousands for SEO and it not actually work? Here’s why


MARCH, 2018

Increase Traffic


Website Building


I know I know… Probably the most oversold product/service in the market place.  So why am I such a passionate advocate of it then?

Because done correctly the results can be outstanding.

And I am going to prove it….

Meet Stacey.

Stacey is a talented jewelry designer, as talented if not better than her competitors, so why is Stacey not getting any orders?  To be honest, Stacey is thinking of giving up. she does not know what to do to get herself people coming to her website.

Stacey is thinking of re-designing her website as a last ditch Her website works, you can buy, click and check out but Stacey is missing one thing:


“We looked under the hood of Stacey’s site.  She was right no customers… So how did she fair to her competitors on line trade?”

Meet competitor no.1 

Competitor no.1 was getting 1.9 thousand visitors a month but how…

Henny Maltby – Pink Elephant Media

Spot the pink bar…… That is Search Engines delivering the traffic to her competitor’s websites.

That makes 1.4 thousand visitors being brought to the website via search traffic alone.

How are they doing it?

These are words that are being used on the website to generate that traffic.  But how do we find them?

That’s the great news…

We can see the exact words they use

The volume of clicks they get from that word

And the structure they use them within their website to generate traffic

But this is only one competitor, right?

Meet competitor no.2…

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