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Tell us about your competitors and we will tell you what they are doing?

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What is Growth Hacking?

Growth hacking was a term pioneered by Sean Ellis in 2010.  He said, “A growth hacker is a person whose true north is growth.” In short, this simply means someone who is striving for growth on a continuous basis, rigorously testing both online marketing and visitors through your website (see Conversion Rate Optimisation CRO) as well as thorough competitor analysis.

Pink Elephant Media is a Digital Marketing Agency based in Gloucestershire.  We specialise in Growth Hacking / Growth Marketing

Why spy on your competitors?
Well the answer is simple.  Your future clients are sitting at your competitor’s websites buying products and services right now.  Often they have teams of marketeers who have tried and tested methods and they know what is working.  We want to benefit from their hard work and money by applying the same tactics to your business without having to waste your marketing budget first.
How do we make their customers ours?

Competition is not something to be feared, in fact we can learn a lot from the competition by simply looking at what they are doing to achieve their growth through their website.


We will profile all your top direct competitors, look at similar business models outside of the Uk who are achieving growth to see if we can adapt what they are doing to the UK Markets.

We will split this into six segments: Direct traffic, links, SEO, Social Media, Mail, Display (see Example below)

Competitor Traffic Sources

Applying the tactics to your business
Most business will be doing one thing very well whether that be social media, advertising, search engine optimisation etc, by profiling multiple competitors we can take the best techniques used by your industry and apply this to your business. This accelerates growth and takes the guess work out of marketing.
Turning heads - Company Ethos
It is not enough to simply just place yourself in the same area.  Unless you appear a more attractive prospect or have a better offer/service it simply won’t turn heads.  We work hard with the companies to ensure they employ tripwire marketing methods to ensure they look like a better prospect than their competitors.
Making the money
We use Conversion Rate Optimisation methods to increase interactions whether that be filling out a form, buying a product or service.

We employ the use of Google Analytics, heat and scroll maps, web flow and technology such has cookies and ip identifiers, to help us understand who is on your website. This allows us to understand your customers habits and buying behaviour as well as enabling us to create very targeted marketing campaigns.

What the split means



People typing their name directly into google. Ie. Advertising, trade shows, networking etc



Websites pointing to their website where they are gaining traffic.  Watch out for spammy links this can damage your results



What words are your competitors using to drive traffic to their website


Social Media

How much of their traffic equates to social media and what type of social media that is.  It is important to ensure you are on the right platforms for your business.



What type of email campaigns are they using to convert traffic.



What ads are running where and how much traction they are getting.

Want to know what your competitors are doing?

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