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If your unsure if your SEO is generating traffic to your website you might just benefit from this FREE report

What is Search Engine Optimisation?

Search Engine Optimisation is the words you use within your website structure to help search engines understand what your website is about so it can delivery to your website as result to the searcher.

As a Growth Hacking Agency, we profile a lot of businesses.  We know that the most successful websites successful they have employed a long term SEO strategy to their websites.  We can prove this by looking at the percentage of traffic has been generated by SEO and the estimated traffic that equates to.

The Most Important SEO Tips You Need to Know – cheat sheet

Why is SEO important

*  SEO helps your business to be found by search engines and people

*  It will significantly reduce the cost of advertising

*  Increase your web ranking and therefore your visibility

*  Steal competitor’s customers by growth hacking their keywords

Growth Hacking your Competitors SEO

How does it work?

Step 1

We will profile your competitors, estimate traffic volumes and how much of that equates to Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) to see visitor numbers generated.

Step 2

Look at the keywords your competitors are using

What percentage of traffic this equates to

What ranking position they hold

The competitive value of these keywords and how likely you would rank for these keywords.

Step 3

We will conduct a full audit of your website to ensure that there are no adverse outside factors that might be affecting your SEO, This can include speed of website, sitemap errors, etc

We will then get to work implementing your SEO.

Step 4

Track and trace.

For every keyword input we will track and trace its effectiveness.

Implement an ongoing SEO strategy so you don’t lose traction

Make sure the search engines know you are there.

If you’re unsure if your SEO is generating traffic to your website you might just benefit from this FREE report

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How to add services to your Facebook Page

How to add services to your Facebook Page

Not all businesses are product based (eCommerce). This tutorial focuses on businesses that offer services and how to add services to your Facebook Page. Step by Step
1. Click the settings at the top of your page
2. Click Templates and Tabs in left hand column
3. Scroll to bottom of page and press ‘Add Tab’
4. Locate Services tab and press ‘Add Tab



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