Pink Elephant Media video production company covers Bristol, Bath, Swindon, Gloucester and surrounding areas.

Invest in videos that drive new business. 

From concept strategy, to filming and post-production, we create videos that educate, persuades and ultimately motivate your target audience to take action.

Seven Stages we take to produce videos that work

Video Marketing Strategy

We create a framework with the end in mind to ensure your video has a strong ROI.  It is the fundamental to any video production

What is the outcome we want from shooting a video, how can we make that happen, what are your competitors doing in your market that is working.  What platforms will this video be used within?

Project Planning

Project planning Identifies: – key resources, organises the schedule, maps out individual responsibilities and technical requirements needed for production.

Script Writing

Script writing ensures we stay on message.  We use growth hacking to understand and replicate what is working for your competitors audiences and use this information to create a strong cohesive message using tripwire marketing.

On Camera Training

Don’t let the cameras put you off.  Our Videographer is a high profile voice, presentation and communication coach, with a background as a journalist, broadcaster and television presenter. Jo has worked for ITV, BBC, GMTV, C4, IRN and C5 as a trainer and on-screen journalist. She can help you stay on message, not appear uncomfortable in front of the camera and enjoy your days filming.

Video Production

This is where we edit the footage to bring your project to life in line with the marketing strategy produced at the start. We try to do this within a four-week time frame from the start of filming.  We will always strive to deliver over and above your expectations.


We make sure your video gets seen. This is where we really set ourselves apart. We will add your video to YouTube, growth hack your competitor’s keywords and hashtags, find influences in your market who might want to share your content, use the video across a social media strategy the list is endless.  By offering this service we are not leaving your Return on Investment to chance.


We will monitor video reach, viewers, what platforms the videoes are having the greatest impact, click through rates, subscribe rates and more.  We will set KPI’s against our project objectives and drill down into the data to understand your audience better, therefore creating a greater return on investment.

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