Social Media Marketing

Want to know what type of social media platforms and posts you should be using?

Should your business be on Social Media?

Here is where we get controversial, in short yes you should, but only if the return on investment, is proportionate to the amount of time and or money spent.

Social Media can feel like a full-time job and some business spend a disproportionate amount of time on social media in comparison to the return it provides.  Why, often because they can feel like they are doing something to help progress their business, when in actual fact the figures just don’t stack up.

How we use social media to grow your business

We use growth hacking techniques to

  • Understand what social platforms your competitors are utilising and what is working
  • How much of their business equates to social media?
  • What type posts your clients are interested in?
  • Who the influences are in your market and who might share your content
  • What sort of return on investment you might expect


Over 2.8 billion people use the internet…

74% of all internet users are on social media.

70% of people are more likely to buy from brands they follow on social media.

Social media is the cheapest form of advertising available today.


Sometimes our packages don’t offer the exact service you are after.  If that is the case contact one of our team now to discuss all the options available to you.


We offer a lead generation service which is more involved than our packages above. We make use of leading analytics and strategies to guarantee a minimum number of leads per month. We will need to assess your business before working with you.

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