Is Zoom Damaging Your Business?

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Ok, you caught me out, I don’t actually hate it but it may well be affecting your business without you even knowing it. I have been on a number of zoom calls recently and I often hear a women apologising for their appearance. Suzanne Degges-White say’s “We’re trying to get up every morning and pretend like it’s a normal day, but this is not normal, especially for those who are working with kids crying, pets needing to go out, significant others in the next room.”
As a women who highlights my hair, likes beauty treatments I don’t want to be seen with roots and looking slightly unkempt. I find myself apologising for the decay of my pandemic beauty routine. My inner feminist still apparently wants to be dewy skinned with perfect hair (pretty sure I was not that before the pandemic but now I have a little box showing me on a regular basis I am most certainly not). I am sure I am not alone?
Yes I know I don’t always have to have the camera on, and sometimes I don’t but I feel the pressure to and that is sometimes enough.  That got me thinking about people who work who are in a vulnerable position who don’t want their personal space invaded and there is only so much the backgrounds can hide.  So remember conversions happen on an emotional level just as much online.  By only offering one alternative for communication you are limiting your audience by about half.  Those that turn up maybe less engaged and therefore less likely to do business.  So remember picking up the telephone for some may be very welcome.

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